Perhaps you know it – your company teambuilding or a Christmas party is drawing nearer and you still haven’t decided on an entertaining program for your colleagues. Is it difficult for you to choose an activity for all ages? Do you want the event to be enjoyable for everyone and make sure no one will go home in low spirits? If you answered positively to both questions, then PubQuiz is the very choice for you!

PubQuiz is a suitable teambuilding game in which everyone can use his or her specific knowledge of any particular field. Employees from different departments can be pitted against each other, or teams can be created randomly. You never know – maybe you´ll be surprised who is the real walking encyclopedia among your colleagues. The range of topics is as wide as the World Wide Web itself – there is something for everyone!

PubQuiz as a teambuilding activity can be organized in a place of your own choice or in one of "our" bars or pubs, where we have regular quizzes. Our experienced moderators are all eager to host your quiz. Fill in the following basic information and let us know what you want your quiz to look like.

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PubQuiz is a world-famous trivia game originating in Great Britain. In recent years it has spread to many other countries – the Czech Republic included – and makes itself at home in pubs and bars around the globe.

A standard quiz is divided into 5 rounds, contains 10 various topics and 51 questions altogether. The questions can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements. You can, for example, test your employees’ knowledge of your company by the choice of topics.

In any case, you don’t need to worry about boring questions that no one will be able to answer. It is not the aim of PubQuiz – the goal is to have some intelligent fun and just have a good time!

After each round a short break follows – to refill the drinks, but mainly for the moderator (quizmaster) to correct the answers and announce the current score after a particular round. At the end of a quiz, the moderator announces the winner - the team with the highest score from the quiz.

Leave us a message at and we will contact you in turn. Together we can prepare a quiz exactly to your liking and make sure you and your colleagues will enjoy every minute of it. We can also discuss prizes for the best teams.

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